Updated rural England indicators

Updated local area data

  • Low pay (district map and spreadsheet).
  • Help for older people from social services (upper tier map and spreadsheet).

Website design overhaul

The whole website has been re-designed such that all the pages are now wider than before (1024 pixels rather than 800 pixels).  The great advantage of this is that it makes the graphs bigger and therefore easier to read.  The disadvantage is that it makes the pages more difficult to navigate when using a very low resolution screen (i.e. 800 by 600).  We therefore decided that the changeover should only happen when three other things had happened, namely that the major news sites (BBC Online, etc) had moved to wider pages, that fewer than 5% of our visitors had very low resolution screens, and that these visitors spent on average less than half the time per visit than other visitors.  All three of these things have now happened and hence we have implemented the change.

As part of this re-design, all the indicators have been re-numbered to get rid of the alphabetic suffices that have grown up over time.

Finally, many of the menus have been re-written so that they are dynamically generated by Javascript rather than statically defined using ‘includes’.  This should make the pages somewhat faster to load as only the relevant parts of the menu will now be loaded with each page.  Clearly, the small number of visitors who have disabled Javascript may find that this causes them difficulties but as the previous version also included some Javascript they were probably already having some difficulties.  One of the issues with making these sorts of technical changes is checking that the result works with the range of browsers that people use and the new version has been extensively tested with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If any of the changes above create any problems for you, please email us at info@povertyorg.uk and we’ll see if we can doing anything to help.