Welsh Health Survey (WHS)


Main uses

WHS contains a wide variety of health data about each person and has a much larger sample size than, for example, the Welsh component of the Great Britain-wide General Lifestyle Survey.  It can therefore be used to analyse variations in the health of the population (e.g. limiting longstanding illness or disability) by age, occupation, etc.


In summary:

  • Available from: UK data archive.
  • Registration required: yes.
  • First survey available: 1998, but then no further survey until 2003/04 at which time it became annual.
  • Frequency: annual.
  • Updated: November.
  • Scope: Wales.
  • Format: SPSS, STATA or TAB.
  • Files: two files per year, one for adults and the other for children.
  • Documentation: comprehensive.
  • Weighted or unweighted: weighted.
  • Household income data: no.

General issues

Which software to use

As the annual dataset is around 14,000 records for adults, it can be exported into Excel.

When to use the individual or household weights

For most purposes, the individual weight is the one to use as the datasets are for individuals.

Relevant graphs on this website

Welsh graphs

Indicator Graphs Table Comments
Limiting longstanding illness or disability first adult The dataset does not allocate individuals to local authority areas (and, even if it did, the same sizes would be too small) so any analyses by local authority have to use 2001 Census data.