Updated Wales indicators

  • Concentrations of worklessness:
    • first graph (over time): whilst the number of claimants in the areas with the least claimants is much lower than a decade ago, the number of claimants in the areas with the most claimants is now nearly back to its level of a decade ago.
    • second graph (rates): around a third of working-age people receive out-of-work benefits in the areas with the highest concentrations. This is twice the rate for areas with average concentrations.
    • third graph (shares): around 40% of working-age recipients of out-of-work benefits live in a fifth of small areas, whilst the other 60% live outside of these areas.
  • Excess winter deaths:
    • first graph (over time): each year around 1,500 more people aged 65 or over die in winter months than in other months.
    • second graph (compared to England): the rate of excess winter deaths amongst those aged 65 and over in Wales is similar to that in all of the English regions.
  • Help for older people from social services:
    • first graph (over time): the number of people aged 65 and over receiving home care almost halved between 1994 and 2001 but has remained fairly steady since then.