Updated UK indicators

  • State benefit levels:
    • first graph (over time re inflation): while the levels of means-tested benefits for both families with children and pensioners have gone up much faster than inflation since the late 1990s, that for working-age adults without children has, at best, remained constant in real terms.
  • Work and gender:
    • first graph (not working – over time): the proportion of working-age women who are not working is much lower than forty years ago whilst the equivalent proportion for men is much higher.
    • second graph (economically inactive): these trends – of increasing work rates for women and decreasing work rates for men – have been happening throughout the last forty years.
    • third graph (not working – by age group): differences in work rates between men and women are much less among those aged 18 to 24 than in older age groups.
  • Mortgage re-possessions:
    • first graph (over time): the number of mortgage re-possessions fell in 2010, having risen sharply in the period from 2004 to 2009.