Educational attainment at age 11

Key points


Graph 1: Over time

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Definitions and data sources

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The graph shows the proportion of P5 pupils (typically aged 9) failing to achieve level A in writing, reading and maths (level A being the lowest level, with levels B, C etc being higher).  The data is shown separately for pupils in the fifth of schools with the highest proportion of their pupils eligible for free school meals (a proxy for level of deprivation) and for all pupils.  The data covers the years from 1998/99 onwards (data for earlier years is not available).

The data source is unpublished statistics from the Scottish Government.  Note that this data is no longer collected which is why the latest data shown is for 2003/04.

Overall adequacy of the indicator: medium.  The data is considered reliable but using the proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals as a proxy for deprivation is clearly a rough guide only.