Government policies

Single regeneration budget / regional development agencies single programme

Starting dates

1994: introduced, with successive rounds over the years

2001: announcement that there will be no further rounds - subsumed into the Regional Development Agencies Single Programme

Key department DCLG; interdepartmental
Key delivery agency Regional Development Agencies (RDAs)

The original objectives were to improve employment prospects, address social exclusion, promote sustainable regeneration, protect the environment and infrastructure, and support and promote economic growth.

Under SRB rounds 1-6, 1,000 schemes have been approved worth 5.5 billion in SRB support over their lifetime of up to 7 years.

From March 2001, RDAs were given more flexibility in the development of their strategies within 11 overall targets (which include a reduction of 10 % in the deprivation of those wards that are currently in the bottom 20% of those identified by the Index of Deprivation).  As part of this, the various monies for each RDA were pooled.