Government policies

Education Action Zones, Excellence Clusters and Excellence in Cities Action Zones

Starting dates

Successive rounds from 1998

2005: integration of the two programmes

Key department Department for Education
Key delivery agency School-led local partnerships

The aim of Education Action Zones (EAZs) is to raise standards in disadvantaged urban and rural areas, so that young people can become high achievers, effective learners and major contributors to the regeneration of the community.

The aim of Excellence in Cities Action Zones (EiC AZs) is to address the educational problems of the major cities where standards have been low.

Excellence Clusters aim to bring the benefits of EiC AZs to smaller pockets of deprivation.

All EAZs have now become either EiC AZs or Excellence Clusters.  By mid-2005, there were 134 EiC AZs and 80 Excellence Clusters.

EiC AZs receive up to 350,000 per year.  Excellence Clusters receive at least 650,000 per year.