Polarisation by housing tenure

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Key points

  • Half of heads of households aged between 25 and 54 in social rented housing are not in paid work compared to one in twelve of those in owner-occupation.
  • In all authorities, at least two-fifths of the heads of working-age households living in social housing are not in paid work.

Definitions and data sources

The first graph shows the proportion of working-age households where the ‘household reference person’ (which is the person with the highest income in the household) is not in paid work, with the data broken down by age group and tenure.

For those who are in social housing, the second graph shows the same information broken down by local authority rather than age group.

The data source for both graphs is the 2001 Census (table so013).

Overall adequacy of the indicator: medium. Clearly, the sample sizes are large but the self-definition of work status might mean that there are certain biases in the data.