National Travel Survey (NTS)

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Main uses

NTS is a longstanding and wide-ranging survey of personal travel information for Great Britain and is the only obvious source for such information.


In summary:

  • Available from: the Department for Transport website as a series of table.
  • Registration required: no.
  • First survey available: 1999, although data from earlier surveys back into the 70s may be available on request.
  • Frequency: annual.
  • Updated: August, although the timing varies from year to year.
  • Scope: UK-wide.
  • Format: Excel spreadsheets.
  • Files: 1 file per year containing all the tables.
  • Documentation: no, but the individual spreadsheets have notes and are reasonably self-explanatory.
  • Weighted or unweighted: weighted.
  • Household income data: yes, equivalised.

The actual NTS dataset is not publicly available.  Rather, what is available is a series of tables published by the Department for Transport from the dataset.  As well as the spreadsheet itself, there is an annual report which contains all the tables together with some commentary.

Relevant graphs on this website

UK graphs

Because the tables are for Great Britain only, the graphs below are also for Great Britain only.

Indicator Graphs Table Comments
Ability to travel first Tables 5.2 and 5.4 The table numbers change from year to year.

‘Non-drivers’ are people without a full driving license.

third Table 4.1
fourth No fixed table number as the table is only published in some years
fifth Table 2.4