Northern Ireland

Location of low pay

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Key points

  • At around 35%, Strabane and Cookstown have by far the highest proportion of workers who are paid less than £7 per hour.  For most districts, the proportion is around 20-30%.
  • 15% of full-time employees in Northern Ireland were paid less than £7 an hour in 2010.  This proportion is higher than in any of the regions of Great Britain (with the next highest proportion being 12%).
  • By contrast, the proportion of low-paid, part-time employees in Northern Ireland is, at 39%, similar to the Great Britain average.
  • Taken together, the full- and part-time statistics show Northern Ireland following a rather different pattern from anywhere in Great Britain.

Definitions and data sources

The first graph and map show the proportions of employees paid less than £7 per hour by local authority.  The data is based on where people live rather than where they work.  To improve its statistical reliability, the data is the average for the latest three years.  Note that there is no data for Moyle.

The second graph shows, for the latest year, how the proportions of employees paid less than £7 per hour in Northern Ireland compares with the regions of Great Britain, with the data shown separately for full-time and part-time workers.

The data source both graphs and map is the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE).  The proportions have been calculated from the hourly rates at each decile using interpolation to estimate the consequent proportion earning less than £7 per hour.

Overall adequacy of the indicator: limited.  ASHE is a large annual survey of employers but, even so, the sample sizes for individual districts are small and thus somewhat unreliable.