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Low pay by ethnicity

Key points


Graph 1: By group

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Why this indicator was originally chosen

For some ethnic groups, low pay is a matter of particular concern.


Definitions and data sources

The graph shows the proportion of working-age employees in each ethnic group who are paid less than 7 per hour.

The data source is the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and relates to the United Kingdom.  To improve its statistical reliability, the data is the average for the latest three years.  People whose hourly pay rates cannot be calculated from the survey data have been excluded from the analysis.

The division between different ethnic minority groups is driven by the data.  For sample size reasons, people from a mixed ethnic background are excluded from the analysis. 

Overall adequacy of the indicator: limited.  The LFS is a well-established, quarterly government survey, designed to be representative of the population as a whole, but those classified as being of ethnic minority groups together a variety of disparate groups.  Furthermore, there are some doubts about the reliability of its low pay data and the sample sizes for some of the ethnic groups are very small.


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The numbers

Graph 1

Bangladeshi 48%
Black - African 27%
Black - Caribbean 23%
Indian 23%
Pakistani 42%
White - British 25%
White - other 29%